Bao 1

first anime apearance: kronoses reign first manga apearance: N/A age: 14 gender: male



  1. Hades Crown: Baos only bey.


Bao is one of the strongest bladers.

Beyblade Metal Fury
Gingka (Tag w/ Aguma) Win
Yuki No Outcome
Tsubasa and Yu Win
Tournament Win 5x
Aguma Win
Ryuga Lose
Yuki Win
Gingka Lose
Damian Lose
Kyoya Win
Rago (Tag w/legendary bladers Masamune Yu and Tsubasa) No Outcome
Beyblade Metal Pyramid
Zeo and Jack (Tag w/Damian) Win
Aguma and Johannes Win
Legendary Bladers Lose (Runner Up)


  • Bao seems to be stronger than Gingka.
  • Bao was the 2nd blader to be invincible, the 1st being Ryuga.