episode 159.


the final battle continues to turn into the end, as Ryuga who is still alive tells Gingka that it is never the end, as the rest of the bladers cheer Gingka Kyoya Damian and Ryuga, as Rago is about to finish them all off till Gingka remembers how he defeated Ryuga and then tells him he will regret destroying Kenta, Gingka then finishes Rago with the rest of the bladers, and Rago then is defeated and the 4 bladers are transported to space.

Characters seenEdit

  • Gingka
  • Ryuga
  • Kyoya
  • Damian
  • Rago
  • Tsubasa (Flashback)
  • Hikaru (Flashback)
  • Hyoma (Flashback)
  • Kenta
  • Pluto
  • Herschel (Flashback)
  • Keyser (Flashback)

Beyblades seenEdit

  • Storm Pegasus (Gingkas Featured)
  • L-drago Destroy (Ryugas)
  • Fang Leone (Kyoyas)
  • Diablo Nemesis (Ragos)
  • Earth Eagle (Tsubasas Flashback)


  1. Gingka Kyoya Ryuga and Damian vs Rago = Gingka Kyoya Ryuga and Damian