&nbsp season 4 episode 50.


Ryuga is still asleep and starts to think about Tsubasa more, Ryuga then wakes up and attacks, Argo Selen and Enzo cheer Ian on as Ian uses his special move knock Bakushin Susanow backwards but it doesnt work as Ryuga finnishes his ultimate spin move Maxus L-drago, this move turns L-drago Guardian into Maxus L-drago, but Takeru holds on then hits Teru hard knocking Teru out, Ryutaro uses his magical move and effects Bakushin Susanow badly and Crow and Aegis go to eliminate Masamune, Aguma Ryuto and Bao join the battle but Ryuto is killed quikly, but it is uknown if Ryuto really did die, Tetsuya makes a cameo apearance with Hyoma and Busugeima, Gingka and Ryuga with the rest of the bladers hit Belzebrute, Hurcleo is then close to destroyed and Scythe Kronos is then destroyed, with Aguma being low and falls to the ground crying, Gingka Ryuga Kyoya Damian Ryutaro Masamune and Bao realize this is the final battle.


  • Gingka
  • Ian
  • Ryuga
  • Kyoya
  • Takeru
  • Van
  • Crow
  • Aegis
  • Masamune
  • Enzo
  • Selen
  • Argo
  • Pluto
  • Ryuto (Uknown)
  • Minea
  • Bao
  • Aguma
  • Damian
  • Yuki
  • Tetsuya (Cameo)
  • Hyoma (Cameo)
  • Busugeima (Cameo)
  • Teru (Badly Damaged)
  • Tsubasa (Flashback)


  • Wing Pegasus
  • L-drago Guardian (Evolves)
  • Cyclone Hurcleo
  • Thermal Pisces
  • Hades Kerbecs
  • Scythe Kronos (Destroyed)
  • Maxus L-drago (Newly Evolved Feutured)
  • Counter Leone
  • Thunder Leone
  • Hades Crown
  • Blitz Striker
  • Earth Virgo (Badly Damaged)
  • Omega Dragonis (Uknown)
  • Bakushin Susanow
  • Bloody Belzebrute
  • Disaster Aigis
  • Calmity Raven


  1. all bladers vs Takeru and Van = No Outcome (Crow And Aegis Join The Battle)
  2. all bladers vs team destruction = continued in next episode.


  • after Ryuto dies, his hair looks like Ryugas new hair.
  • Crow and Aegis joins the battle
  • Tsubasa was in 1 flashback of Ryugas without Earth Eagle.
  • Teru is knocked out till the next episode.
  • Bao was the first to relize it was the final battle.