&nbsp episode 137.


the mysterious blader is still uknown to be somewhere, Rago then apears as the mysterious blader and heads to a dungeon where Prototype Nemesis was tried to be taken, Rago then tries to pick up the bey and Prototype Nemesis lets Rago hold the beyblade, and Rago gets control of it, as Masamune still beaten up, Ryuga hears about a random weapon to defeat Rago called Zeus barrier which is uknown to be seen, Ryuga plans to create the Zeus barrier by looking for Rago, and finding the rest of the legendary bladers, as Aguma plans to continue his reign, Masamune then begins to move his hand and picks up Blitz Striker, Gingka then finds Ryuga and tells him he found the legendary bladers, and Aguma and Yu join the legendary bladers, and Masamune still hurt joins the battle with them as well, they find Rago and challenge him to a battle.

Characters seenEdit

  • Ryuga
  • Aguma
  • Masamune (Badly Damaged)
  • Gingka
  • Yu
  • Kyoya
  • Bao
  • Damian
  • Chris
  • King
  • Titi
  • Nile
  • Ian
  • Argo
  • Rago


  • Blitz Striker (Badly Damaged)
  • Prototype Nemesis (Feutured)


  1. legendary bladers Aguma Masamune and Yu vs. Rago = continued in next episode.