Ryuga 4

first anime apearance: metal fusion episode 11 first manga apearance: volume 3 chapter 3 age: 16 - 19 gender: male



  1. Lightning L-drago: Ryugas first bey in the anime and manga.
  2. Meteo L-drago: Ryugas seccond bey in the anime and manga.
  3. L-drago Destroy: Ryugas third bey in the anime and manga.
  4. L-drago Guardian: Ryugas current bey in the anime and manga.
  5. Maxus L-drago: the maxus bey in the anime only, Ryuga first unleashed the power of this bey in episode 50 of metal pyramid.


losing only 2 battles and sometimes having a no outcome, Ryuga is the strongest blader in the anime, but takeru may have stole his position.

Beyblade Metal Fusion
Ryo Win
Gingka Win
Dark Nebula bladers Win
Yu Win
Many Tournament Bladers Win
Ryutaro and Tobio Win
Tsubasa No Outcome (Interupted by Pheonix)
Hikaru Win
Tsubasa Win
Doji Win
Kyoya Win
Benkei Win
Gingka Lose
Beyblade Metal Masters
Julian Sophie and Wales No Outcome
Gingka No Outcome
Gingka Win
HD Bladers Win
Zeo Win
HD Bladers Win
Julian Win
Jack Win
Beyblade Metal Fury
Kyoya Win
Gingka Win
Yuki Win
Kenta Win
Aguma Win
King Win
Chris No Outcome
Kenta Win
Rago (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers) No Outcome
Rago Lose


  • Ryuga has only 5 beys in the anime.
  • Ryuga Bao and Kyoya are the only 3 legendary bladers that dont use a 3 segment launcher.
  • Ryuga Julian and King are the only bladers that have a left spin bey.
  • Ryuga is the only legendary blader from 4 seasons that did not have his clothes change.