Bao uses his move and Aguma gets up on his feet, Ryuga and Gingka are inconveced at Takeru, Takeru gets hit by Virgo making Susanow start to woble a little, Teru then is up and angry, Ian and the rest behind him are incomforting Takeru, Takeru hit Striker and L-drago and runs into Hurculeo and uses its ultimate move knocking Hurculeo high, Ian is the badly damaged and to damaged to use his special move, Gingka Ryuga Kyoya and Damian use their newest special move combination truth, Teru was ready for the next attack but Aguma told Teru not to but he ignored him, he then is killed by Susanows block with Teru and Virgo also being killed by the block, Ryuga and Maxus L-drago hit Susanow very far and Ian is hit hard then Cyclone Hrculeo is knocked out, Tetsuya joins the battle but once he launched his bey, Tobio Dan and Reiki join the battle, but all 4 of the beys launched get destroyed, Minea rejoins the battle with Ian.


  • Gingka
  • Takeru
  • Ryuga
  • Kyoya
  • Damian
  • Ian
  • Bao
  • Masamune
  • Ryutaro
  • Teru (Deceased)
  • Aguma (Deceased)
  • Tsubasa (Flashback)
  • Minea
  • Van
  • Crow
  • Aegis
  • Argo
  • Enzo
  • Selen
  • Tetsuya
  • Tobio
  • Dan
  • Reiki
  • Ryuto (Uknown)


  • Wing Pegasis
  • Bakushin Susanow
  • Maxus L-drago
  • Thunder Leone (Featured)
  • Hades Kerbecs
  • Cyclone Hurculeo
  • Hades Crown
  • Blitz Striker
  • Thermal Pisces
  • Earth Virgo (Destroyed)
  • Counter Leone
  • Bloody Belzebrute
  • Calmity Raven
  • Disaster Aigis
  • Dark Gasher (Destroyed)
  • Storm Capricorne (Destroyed)
  • Evil Gemios Red (Destroyed)
  • Evil Gemios Blue (Destroyed)


  1. all bladers vs team destruction = continued in next episode.


  • Ryuto was seen in 1 part of a scene.
  • Tsubasa was seen in many flashbacks.
  • Aguma and Teru were the only bladers to be killed, but they wil be seen in a flashback in next episode.