&nbsp episode 138.


Rago and the legend bladers launch their beyblades and hit Nemesis really hard, Rago tells Ryuga that he did a bad move and strikes L-drago Destroy but it didnt have a huge efect, Rago then is shocked and Masamune uses his special move, Rago is losing the battle but hits Cosmic Pegasus causing Pegasus to wable, Ryuga gets another huge damage with his move on Nemesis, Gingka uses his ultimate special move knocking Yu off the cliff but it is known that Yu is still alive, Gingka hits Nemesis with a very huge damage, Rago is mad that he is losing badly, Yu uses his ultimate spin move from way under the cliff and Nemesis only got 3% damage, but Rago was still standing, then the legend bladers all uses their ultimate spin move giving Nemesis 317% damage, but Rago was still standing, he then uses his weakest spin move whuich gave Pegasus 102% damage, and Leone 99%damage, Ryugas L-drago only got 3% damage, and Kerbecs got 19% damage, the battle starts to become painful for Nemesis and Rago but Rago wouldnt give up, then the rocks start to fall and the legendary bladers escape the cave with Ryuga and Rago still battling, Ryuga then tells Rago that he knows the ultimate weapon to defeat him, Zeus Barrier.


  • Ryuga
  • Rago
  • Gingka
  • Kyoya
  • Masamune
  • Yuki
  • Damian
  • King
  • Aguma
  • Dunamis
  • Chris
  • Bao
  • Doji
  • Pluto
  • Kenta
  • Yu


  • L-drago Destroy
  • Prototype Nemesis
  • Cosmic Pegasus
  • Fang Leone
  • Blitz Striker (Featured)
  • Mercury Anubis
  • Hades Kerbecs
  • Varias Ares
  • Scythe Kronos
  • Jade Jupiter
  • Phantom Orion
  • Hades Crown
  • Flame Libra


  1. legendary bladers vs Rago = continued in next episode.
  2. Ryuga vs Rago = continued in next episode.