Wales 1

first anime apearance: Cetus warcut first manga apearance: volume 1 chapter 4 age: 17 -19 gender: male



  1. Grand Cetus: Wales beyblade but Wales got rid of it cause he decided he just wanted to watch battles, but he returned to having battles.


Beyblade Metal Masters
Gingka and Masamune (Tag w/ Wales) Win
Masamune Lose
Gasur Lose
Gingka Lose
Ian No Outcome
Zidane Lose
Yu Win
Enzo Win
Julian (Tag w/ Sophie) Lose
Beyblade Metal Pyramid
Gym Trainees Win
Julian and Minea (Tag w/ Doji and Kenta) Lose


  • It seems Wales has barely appeared in beyblade metal fury.
  • Despite being the sub member, Wales seems to be more skill than the rest of the team.